Mitch Finlinson


Real Estate should be fun, period.

If you’re buying then you get to pick your dream home.

If you’re selling then you get the excitement of change and potentially upgrading.

And if you’re just investing then you get to make money, and who doesn’t love that!

I believe that level of enjoyment through-out the transaction process is a direct indicator of agent quality.

I am able to navigate the ‘surprises’ and road blocks that pop up along the way in a pleasant professional manner, which is key in a transaction. There are so many agents to choose from it can be overwhelming, but picking the one that you’re going to enjoy is even harder.

Being an original Parkite I know the Park City Lifestyle better than most, and can show you even through a sale just how fun this magical place is. As an agent I bring a fresh perspective with firm negotiating skills and expansive knowledge with the strength of the Berkshire Hathaway brand.

Curious if we’re a match? 

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