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A Little Bit About Me. 

First off, if you already know me thanks for the support! If not, thanks for stumbling upon my little experiment and I hope you like it! Anyway. .

I grew up in Park City, UT with a separate household, so my father lived in Salt Lake and my mother (whom I lived with) lived in Park City, she is amazing check her out. After growing up and putting my big boy pants on I moved to Salt Lake to attend the University of Utah, at the time I thought Salt Lake was the worst and I wanted to get out of it as fast as I could. Fast forward 3 years and 4 jobs and I decided to move back up to Park City to manage my moms local retail store and be a buyer for the store. At this point I met the love of my life, Hank (also amazing) who encouraged me to get into the real estate game, which I did (hence the whole creation of this). Fast forward another 5 years and here I am sitting at my desk typing out a blog post about myself doing my favorite things, listening to great music and drinking great coffee. 

Hi, I'm Mitch, and welcome to my attempt at creating a true design site using by all the things that bring me joy or inspiration to my life.

It should be noted that I'm really bad at blogging and staying consistent with all the posts needed to be successful at this sort of thing. This time I am going to try my best to create meaningful eye candy and input on all the things I'm drawn to and the things going on in my two hometown's, Salt Lake City and Park City. I guess you can think of this as my experiment of putting my own little flair on the über crowded lifestyle and design world. At least it gives me something to do in my spare time. 


It is very important to me that through out this whole experience I be completely honest and real, some may like that and some may not but in the end I just want to be me, in an industry and job filled with so much fluff and disguises I want to be unapologetically myself! And on that not this blog post was exhausting as hell and took way too long to conceive so peace out I'm going to watch the Olympics! 

P.S. I know this was kind of a ramble and not very flowy, so just be gentle on me while I warm up. 


California and Back Again

California and Back Again