Selling a home seems like a troublesome task, but as soon as you sign the papers we are partners in the sale, requiring mutual cooperation. You’re no longer the homeowner, you’re a home seller; and that can sometimes involve the heavy decision of taking down a lot of family memories or painting your favorite wall a universally livable color.

Having a design background I can offer the insight into what layouts and presentations will be most desirable for a wide range of buyers. I'm here to do the heavy lifting and help create an environment everyone can love!

Here are my top 10 basic tips to aide you in maximizing opportunity to sell our home:

  1. Consider the best time to put your home on the market, in Park City that is typically our tourist season, think mid-December and early June.
  2. Those time frames are obviously not concrete but think about how stunning this town is in the middle of Summer and Winter, and the impact fresh snow or budding aspens can have on the curb appeal of your home.

  3. First impressions are everything and you want to make a good one, that starts the moment they walk in the door. Be sure to have fresh florals for the season, and remember impressions go beyond sight, make sure that there is a fresh scent around the house.
  4. Home buying is very visceral, the buyers want to feel good in your home, if you know there is a showing open up the blinds and turn on all the lights to make your home feel brighter.

  5. Probably the most affective and hardest thing to do with your home is to make it everyones home, a buyer wants to see themselves living there and its hard to live somewhere with someone else's family on the walls.

    1. Be sure to create neutral spaces in your home by cleaning up children toys, choosing neutral sheets, linens and towels.

    2. To neutralize you need to de-personalize your home, if the walls are colored for a girls room, consider painting it neutral earth tones or whites to make it a universally appealing space. This color change can be helpful for the buyer to visualize it as their space. 

  6. Be sure to take care of any maintenance that has been deferred, its never fun when a small repair kills a deal. 

  7. Keep the bones of your home looking good, it gives a lot of confidence to a buyer to see well maintained maintenance rooms and clean details of your home; show them that you cared for your home. 

  8. Make sure that all spaces are tidy and clutter free, its never easy to love a space when there is a mess on the floor or documents flying off the shelves. 

  9. I get asked if its more effective to make visual improvements before putting their home on the market, if there is anything you were to invest in make it the paint and carpet, this will get rid of a dated feel and make your home feel fresh! Be sure to choose neutral colors. 

  10. And above all keep your home spotless during the sales process, leave the house organized and shining for every showing and before you leave the house, you never know when someone wants to see your home.